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You can trust us!

The Essential Workout Kickstart for Women 50 and Over

Have you been avoiding exercise because it feels way to HARD?

You know you need to start moving more to feel stronger, tone up and loosen up those stiff and creaky joints. 

So you go to a fitness class and can barely make it through the first 10 minutes without huffing and puffing. You can't even follow half of the moves because of back pain or joint pain or the pain of being pushed so much harder than you're ready to be pushed. It makes you wish you stayed at home on the couch! 

Then you avoid moving for what seems like an eternity and feel more out of shape than ever. 

But what's the solution? Huffy-puffy personal training sessions that leave you flailing about without a clue, or more vigorous classess with all the bright young things where you feel like a complete outsider?

As a Fitness and Weight Loss Expert who has been coaching women over fifty for over 11 years, I understand where you're at....

You're stuck not knowing how to find a routine that gets you moving at your level AND works for your body. 

That's why I developed the Shape it Up Workout Series. It's designed by real women (like me) especially for real women (like you).

It doesn't throw you in the deep-end but it does get you results (without a red-face and being out of breath).

I've create the Shape It Up Workout Series as an 8 week easy workout plan with step-by-step body positive workouts to cater to women of all shapes and sizes aged 50+. 

You don't need special equipment and you don't need hours a week.

Simple movements that actually get results. It's just like having a Personal Trainer (but one you actually like) by your side whenever you need them. 


Hear what other women are saying:


“I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I didn't exercise for a while. Then I got back into strengthening. Now My should is much better. Now I love to exercise and I feel so much better when I do!”

Deb's Real Woman Quote: Find ways to work around the injuries you have. You will feel better for it


“I was ready for a change when I retired. When I started I was wearing a size 22W. I went from a size 22W to a regular 18!"

Janice's Real Woman Quote: Find a program that fits you. It's going to take time but it will have benefits in the end

In this program you'll get lifetime access to the 8-week online workout kickstart:

In this program, you get a full online 8-Week Workout Kickstart with everything you need to get started and SUCCEED:

  •  Increase strength, flexibility and mobility with quick 30 minute workout videos that come with downloadable workout sheets.Print them out and have them in front of you, or watch the videos on your iPad or phone as you work out!

  • Get exclusive login details to the Shape it Up membership site with videos, workout schedule and super simple instructions to help you every step of the way. You'll get instant access the second you've commited to the course.

  • Discover simple fitness techniques that keep you injury free 

  • Safe alternatives for arthritis, back pain and shoulder issues. 

  • Get instant access to fitness coach Alicia and women just like you directly through the private Shape it Up facebook community 

  • Bonus: Active Rest videos combine flat belly exercises and stress reducing movements in under 10 minutes.



You can trust us!


“I began [exercise] in a weakend state. and coming home exhausted every single day. The difference is in my energy! Now coming home from work ... I have the energy to do all the things I love to do in the evening!"

Kathie's Real Woman Quote: Even if you get off the couch for 5 minutes, well, that's 5 minutes that you wouldn't have done! 


"When I first started working out I had mobility issues in my neck. I had pain and tight muscles. 

After working out slowly I was able to gain more movement, my balance improved and my flexibility improved. I’m also able to manage stress totally differently!"

Karen's Real Woman Quote: No one should be telling you how much weight you should lose. Do this to feel good about who you are, to have energy and to have a good outlook on life. 


“I was wearing a size 26 jeans. Now i'm down to a 22...When I first started .. I couldn't even get off the floor. Now I can get up.. I have more stamina than I ever used to!”

Mary's Real Woman Quote: You're more than your size. It's what's inside that counts and I want that inside to be healthier

 Created by Health and Fitness Expert Alicia Jones

Alicia is a highly recognized health and fitness expert with over 11 years of experience. She is a fitness and nutrition contributor to various publications such as Huffington Post, Alive Magazine and MindbodyGreen.

She produced and hosted Roger's T.V Health Matters and co-hosted the wellness series The View: Health and Wellness

She’s the founder and Lead Fitness coach for Destination Fit and online weight loss and fitness coach at

Alicia has dedicated her life to enhancing the well being of women. She's achieved a double specialized hounours in kinesiology and International development, and has participated in over 250 fitness, nutrition and weight loss certifications, workshops and courses.


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You pay $97 for the complete Shape it Up Workout Series: Designed by Real Woman for Real Women. These 6 workouts are to be completed over an 8 week period (though you'll have the materials to use forever). This price includes 6 easy to follow workout videos with workout sheets (2 upper body, 2 lower body and 2 active rest with flat tummy focus). It also gets you lifetime access to Shape it Up Private Members Community.

If you want a complete 8 Week Weight Loss System including live 30 minute 1-on-1 skype calls with your private coach Alicia you can purchase 8 Weeks to Shape it Up: Designed by Real Women For Real Women (Launch date to be announced).


You do not need to purchase any fitness equipment if you do not want to. The Shape it Up Workout Series shows you how to swap out exercise equipment with everyday household items.

While you do not need to purchase any equipment the Real Women in this program felt most comfortable using 2lbs, 5lbs and 7 lbs free weights. However grocery bags filled with cans are an excellent free weight swap out if you choose not to purchase any fitness equipment. 


Once you purchase the course, you'll get an email with your unique login information. It's that simple! You'll have immediate access and this access will continue for the rest of your life. Ask any questions you've had about the program on your private Shape it Up Members you gain access to OR at . 


It is recommended that you ask a physician before beginning any fitness program. However the Shape it up Workout Series has carefully designed each exercise with YOU (the real woman) in mind. The videos provide safe solutions for knee and shoulder arthritis, back pain and stiffness. As an added feature the workouts demonstrate how you can create your very own personal trainer out of furniture and your own body cues ensuring that you remain injury free and healthy. 


The Shape it Up Workout Series includes an 8 week workout program of 4 quick and easy to follow 30 minute workout videos plus two bonus under 10 minute Active Rest videos with flat tummy focus. These 6 videos (2 upper body, 2 lower body and 2 active rest with flat tummy focus) come with a suggested workout schedule and downloadable workout sheets so you can celebrate your strength and mobility improvements in 8 weeks. You'll have access to the materials forever so when the 8 weeks ends, you can begin again. As a special feature you'll gain lifetime access to Shape it Up Private Facebook Members Community where many Real Women Like you connect and support each other by celebrating wins and providing feedback. Know that Fitness and wellness expert Alicia Jones is with you every step of the way to answer any questions in this private facebook community.


This Unique fitness program is the first of it's kind that encourages safe progress. There are zero complicated choreographies that require advanced coordination and each exercise is performed over the course of one minute. You may do as little or as many repetitions as your unique start point requires. there are also various fitness levels that not only take into consideration your current exercise ability , but also take into consideration knee, shoulder and back issues that may have previously discouraged you from participating in standard exercise programs.

Still have questions? Click here to email Alicia